A Weekend At The Spa Part 3

A Weekend At The Spa Part 3
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A weekend at the Spa.
Day 3.
Having  a nice  weekend?
You are already bound to this File?
Doing Nothing else than to think about how horny you are?
So, today is the Day. The day you will be treated by several girls in the Spa
Take your chance and blow your load for your Mistress.
Here is your third Day of your weekend at the beautiful Spa Resort.
I provide you with a very, very special dream which will keep your mind, and your arousal occupied during 3 Days.
You will experience this dream in every detail.
you will experience a vivid dream, which will seem so realistic. so vivid in every detail,
that you will believe it happens to you in real.
all your senses will realize the things that happen in this dream.
your skin will feel every touch. 
your subconscious mind will make you feel, smell, taste, hear, and see, any single detail which comes with the provided dream.
The Duration of this File is 48:40 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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