Surrender Part 2 - Deep submission

Surrender Part 2 - Deep submission
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This file is a follow up from "Surrender Release one"
As a followup it will deepen the suggestions from the first file and you will become more and more suggestible. This file will provide some suggestions which will increase your ability to imagine the things I say. Your imagination will grow and it will be connected to your senses. In other words, the more your imagination grows,
the more your senses will start to respond to my words, as if it is real. Your imagination and your senses will be locked together. This file becomes addictive, and you will want to listen to it again and again, as it just makes you feel happy. You will become more and more aroused and the more aroused you are the more submissive you will become.

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  • Author: Gary
    Mistress takes you into a great feeling trance. Afterwards the waves of euphoria the wash over you whenever they are triggered are fabulous.
  • Author: desire2Please
    This file is very powerful because it will allow the listener to go even deeper in hypnosis. When I play the other files, I find that those become much, much stronger than they had in the past. My senses are firing on all cylinders and the effects are amazing.
  • Author: Steve
    Reinforces previous files and suggestions while bringing the listener to very deep hypnosis. I'm not easy to hypnotize at all but this file made 36 minutes vanish.
  • Author: Jack Rabbit
    Just when you thought hypnosis couldn't get any more intense, Surrender Two takes you further!
  • Author: gwens
    Thank You Mistress for this file. i feel so happy, hot , horny and obedient. i need your commands more and more.
  • Author: Fred_Surrendered
    One of my favorites, I listen over and over again. It is amazing to be listening and to feel my cock grow very hard as I submit, surrender myself to Mistress Samba.
  • Author: Veronica Larkspur
    I love how I feel when I finish this file ... horny and wanting to serve Mistress in any way. I use this file every day now just before one of my other training files. I feel as though it makes all my training so much more effective. Thank you Mistress.