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A powerful induction leading the way for a deep intense hypnotic experience of absolute pleasure. All you need to do is listen and drink my sensuous voice. Accompanied with soft subliminal music designed to take you deeper. This 31 minute recording is loaded with soft sensuous whispers. These whispers activate a much deeper arousal creating a state of hypnotic euphoria, you feel my voice sinking into your mind filling you with intense pleasure. Hearing my voice take you deeper and deeper, her warm voice activates unbelievable pleasure. So you will surrender and start to explore the possibilities of erotic hypnosis.
This file is the base of other files you will listen to in future. There are some sublimals, that will increase the urge to listen to my files again and again.

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  • Author: Deepdown
    i have listened to Samba Alex's Surrender file several times. i bought the file for $5 from her site so i could add it to my iPod and it is the best $5 i have ever spent. She is very effective at taking me into deep trance and the more i listen to Her the more i want to listen to Her. The last time i listened, a couple hours ago, i was intent on understanding the file and retaining some content but i can't. i swear i am going so deep nothing is staying in consciousness. But i do really like listening. The production quality of the file is as good as anything i have ever heard.
  • Author: stranger
    i have found YOUR website today and listend to the surrender file. YOUR voice is heavenly perfection ... pure bliss ... it's amazing and i just want to thank YOU for this experience.
    YOU really got me with the surrender file.
    In the last years I spent hundreds of dollars on hypnosis files, but I never got caught by a Lady.
    YOUR voice and the way YOU use it, is special. Maybe YOU are the true HYPNO QUEEN on this planet ...
  • Author: Erik
    The thing that strikes me the most about this MP3 is how relaxed I find myself afterward and how deeply I will go into a trance. I listen to this on a daily basis and go deeper in trance each time. You will enjoy this MP3 if you give it a listen.
  • Author: hard2hypnotize
    This file has grown on me and continues to take me deeper. It has provided me the most fun, relaxation, and desire for more of Mistress Samba's voice than any other hypnosis expert I've tried! I highly recommend it.
  • Author: Obedient1
    I just listened to this file while lying outside on a busy street. The background noise was moved into the distance and I managed a very restful moment. It gets better everytime!
  • Author: Jack Rabbit
    This file includes more programming than what I think is in the free sample. I listen to a couple other of Mistress Samba's files regularly but listened to this one again last night and got a throbbing hard on - literally pounding. Incredible.
  • Author: Brian
    I am not ordinarily an easy subject for hypnosis because I am not normally prone to give up control of my thoughts. Mistress Samba is certainly an exception. First off I have a long history of submissive play and a good supply of toys from previous adventures. So the subject matter was particularly favorable for me—enticing you might say. Secondly Mistress Samba has a terrific voice. This helped because I am much more likely to submit to a female, especially a sexy one. Finally, the recordings are crystal clear; I do have some trouble with my hearing. This said I was not ready for my first hypnotic experience. I began with the U Tube version; I found the background music to be soothing and the, just barely audible, left and right voice to be alluring. On first hearing I was certainly entertained and still curious. After a couple of listens I visited the site and immediately registered—I would have answered all sorts of personal questions but there weren't any. I then purchased the Surrender file and enjoyed it time after time despite the audio flaws. I then discovered the same file for free at the site. I have been listening to it ever since—Three or Four times a day for the last few days. So much for background. After a few listens I was always naked. I was fast asleep at one of these times but awoke by the time I heard the number Five. I assume I was under. Then I began using my toys while listening. First the training collar, then a cock ring, then the leather cuffs. One time I listened while in a kneeling position, Then I added a ball gag, then I restrained myself, then I added a butt plug. I almost cracked up when Mistress Samba said that “I felt unable to move my body”. I don't know if I am doing these things because of suggestions or because of my personal kinks or both. In any case I feel both humiliated and eager to serve. I will likely try the Surrender 2 file next and then the Slave Training series. As I say often during the sessions: “Thank you Mistress Samba”. In anticipation of utter and complete devotion
  • Author: George
    Listening to your voice is just so unbelievably beautiful. You truly become such an enjoyable part of my mind each day. Exotic to be sure.
  • Author: Arnt Roar
    These files here and her voice is just absolutely amazing. I bought a few files here and I will certainly advise you to try some file where you like the explanation.
    I have by nature not easy to get into a deep trance, but it is very close to be completely gone from this world in trance and it gets better every time. Waiting anxiously for the results to come in full Blom