Wolkaholic by day and a slut by night - Female release

Wolkaholic by day and a slut by night - Female release
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Listening to this file will change your focus on work, on everything that you need to get done to reach your aims, your goals in life. During the day, you will find yourself being a dynamo of productive energy, you will be full of ideas, and you will always know how the things should be done. When you work, you will work hard and efficiently, totally focused on your aims. And so you will be from the moment you get up in the morning, until you choose that the day work has been done. During the day you will be a workaholic. But in the same moment you choose, that your daily work is done, your body, and your mind, will switch into another gear. Your focus will totally change from work to sex. It will just simply be as if someone has pushed a button, and this button will switch your focus from work to sex. It will wake up in full force. It will wake up to a level, that you have probably never experienced before in your life. You know, what it's like when you're horny. Well, from now on, in the moment you choose, that the daily work has been done, in this moment, your ability to focus on work, will change into a pure, nasty and erotic focus on sex.

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